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    V.70 connection method


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    V.70 connection method Empty V.70 connection method

    Post  Admin on Mon May 18, 2009 11:39 am

    Rough HowTo:
    1) Install OpenVPN 2.1 (
    2) Extract ?mmm1zyykt4g
    3) Edit config.bat and put the required info (specifically IP, which is the public IP)
    4.1) Run build-keys.bat
    4.2) Run gen-serv-config.bat
    4.3) Run gen-client-config.bat
    4.4) Run build-client.bat
    5) Run start-server.bat to start your OpenVPN server, you must leave the server open for other players to connect through the OpenVPN interface
    5.1) Port forward port 1194 UDP
    6) Distribute client.exe to your clients. client.exe will open a command prompt with OpenVPN connected to your server. Your clients must have OpenVPN installed. After OpenVPN is activated on the client, the normal MapleStory icon can be used.
    7) Modify external_ip.Lua to return to all clients
    8 ) Install a loopback adapter with the following IPs (required for the server to recognize that it own the IPs)

    Credits to Pawitp of the Vana forums for making this

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