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    [Release]v70.2 Boredness Trainer


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    [Release]v70.2 Boredness Trainer Empty [Release]v70.2 Boredness Trainer

    Post  Admin on Tue May 19, 2009 6:35 am download.php?znnxugir2ym

    [QUOTE=Boredness1337;1265404]Hi GzN, this is my release after a long break from my previous release. Many of you guys hates me now because of some stuff. Well, i don't really care actually. Just wanna make a public apology to x0r/irwin for not giving him credits. But anyway, there is another public method to bypass, so yah...

    If the release of this trainer cause me to haave me more haters, then i think there isn't a point staying here anymore=)

    A picture of the trainer
    [Release]v70.2 Boredness Trainer Boredtrainerpic

    Hacks Condition
    Blue means safe.
    Green means might dc.
    Red means auto ban or permanent ban.
    Black means unsure.
    What does this trainer have
    -[color:545d="Black"]Franzor Vac
    -[color:545d="Blue"]Full Godmode
    -[color:545d="Black"]Lag Hack
    -[color:545d="Blue"]Uber Tubi
    -[color:545d="Red"]Unlimited Attack
    -[color:545d="Blue"]Run MapleStory function
    -[color:545d="Blue"]Auto Click
    -[color:545d="Blue"]Auto Loot
    -[color:545d="Blue"]Auto Attack
    -[color:545d="Blue"]Auto Skill 1~3

    How to use?(Without using guyz92 method)
    1)Run the injector.
    2)Run the trainer.
    3)Run MapleStory.
    4)Come to GzN
    5)Click on [Release]v70.2 Boredness Trainer Post_thanks
    6)Click on [Release]v70.2 Boredness Trainer Reputation
    7)Happy Hacking!

    How to use?(Using guyz92 method)
    1)Run the trainer.
    2)Run MapleStory.
    3)Come to GzN
    4)Click on [Release]v70.2 Boredness Trainer Post_thanks
    5)Click on [Release]v70.2 Boredness Trainer Reputation
    6)Happy Hacking!

    Soon to come in v70.3
    -Pixel Potter
    -Auto Login
    -Auto CC
    -Auto DC
    -More Hacks

    Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)
    Question: My Anti-virus detect a virus in your trainer! Does your trainer have virus?
    Answer: No it doesn't. I packed it with themida, thus your anti-virus will go haywire. The only way to stop it is to move my trainer, injector and dll to the vault or simply disable your anti-virus when you are using my trainer.

    Question: You hack does not work! How should i fix it?
    Answer: Restart all the step again, if you still have the problem, inform me immidately.

    -If any hacks a/b, p/b or dc, kindly tell me, and i add a colour notification to it.
    -Opinion are welcomed in this thread.

    -Attachment below.

    -Boredness(Designing the GUI, finding address and pointer and converting them to delphi code)
    -guyz92(Finding address and pointer)
    -tjj_34(Helping me to convert hacks to delphi code)
    -x0r/irwin(For CrippleHS(Renamed to BypassBypass.dll))

    -Once a hacker, always a hacker
    -Sharing is caring

    Join Boredness Hacking Company over [URL=""]Here[/URL]!
    Subscribe to my youtube channel over [URL=""]Here[/URL]![/QUOTE]

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