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    Zakum Jump Quest Map Rusher


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    Zakum Jump Quest Map Rusher Empty Zakum Jump Quest Map Rusher

    Post  Admin on Tue May 19, 2009 6:59 am

    Ive made a Zakum JQ rusher...Remember to thank mi.pls dun flame

    How to use
    1)Make a backup of your whole MapleSEA file.
    2)Download my patcher.
    3)Run my patcher.
    4)Come to GzN
    5)Thx mi
    7)Go in MapleStory
    Cool Happy Hacking!!!

    P.S. sry if my patcher erased all ur new at tiz.wad do u expect-.-. anw i suggest u do wad i did:
    1)make a copy of ur map.wz file onto ur dedsktop.
    2)target my patcher at ur desktop.
    3)WALA...ur done.remember to press th thx button=D

    LINK IS BELOW: ?ym4gz2zdkhh

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