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    NorbeStory V.62, NorbeStory Private server


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    NorbeStory V.62, NorbeStory Private server

    Post  Admin on Tue May 19, 2009 7:43 am

    NorbeStory is up and running again.

    Name: NorbeStory
    Exp rates: 1000x exp 6000x mesos 20x drop
    download link:
    Website :
    Forum :
    Server is with 8GB 4 No lag CH's Ranked #4 in Ultimatetop200

    Feature list:
    Spinel - with V.62 maps
    Cody - job adv
    Nana(P) - Gives GM hat
    Nana(E) Gives 99999999999exp (Must hunt 20 blue snail shells)
    Nana(L) Dash skill remover
    Mr.Oh - All in one Shop
    Boss spawner - Spawns your chosen boss ( In FM room 22)
    And much more!
    You can find all NPC's in feature list at FM

    Oh yeah and its 24/7

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