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    Post  sdsa on Thu May 21, 2009 1:58 am


    Revision 1

    -Custom Commands, took away non-GMS commands
    -AutoMSG Updated
    -NPCs updated, replaced with GMS-like features
    -Kin is hairstylist for both Males and Females
    -NIMAKin is skill maxer for ANY GM level
    -Mad Bunny no longer Skill Maxer, like GMS script
    -Hide is no longer a default GM skill
    -AutoRegister turned off by default

    Revision 2

    -Added @mail commands
    -Ariant PQ Portal files and Event Files Updated From HurricaneMS source

    Revision 3

    -Ariant PQ NPC files updated from HurricaneMS source

    Revisions 4 - 13


    Revisions 14 - 20

    -Fixed stuff
    -Added commands

    Revisions 21 - 23

    -Fixed Auto Rollback - Credits : bassoe
    -Cancels Beholder when dead - Credits : supiangel
    -Added Treasure Boxes - Credits : EC15
    -Updated UPDATE_CHAR_BOX header - Credits : EC15
    -Auto Ban Crap

    Revisions 24 - 27

    -Updated most NPCs
    -Fixed most NPCs, if not all

    Revision 28

    -Added Linux compatible server launchers

    Revision 29

    -Fixed "wowpoints table not found" error

    Revision 30

    -Fixed src Linux server launchers

    Revision 49

    -Fixed Linux launchers now correctly
    -Added beginning of 3rd job advancement quest

    Revision 51

    -Tiny little clean up
    -Rename your compiled project to soydev

    Revision 58 - 59

    -Custom commands can now be turned on or off; thanks to Moogra for helping.
    -DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCK changed; see TRAC for more info.

    Revision 60-62

    -Modify a few npc to GMS like
    -Buddy list changed
    -Command Clean up

    Revision 63

    -Henesys pq edited+changed
    -Updated "Updates.txt"

    Revision 65 ~ 66

    -Fixed generalchathandler
    -Made door to another dimension (part of 3rd job advancement)
    -Added the gMS-like Dark Lord Credits: Bavilo

    Revision 67

    -Removed shopmesorate
    -Cleaned up world.prop

    Revision 68

    -Disabled AriantPQ since it is bugged
    -Improved README
    -Disabled automessage on default since they are not gMS-like

    Revision 70

    -Made regular cabs more gMS-like

    Revision 71

    -Added 3rd job to the To-Do list, started on the 3rd job advancer NPCs in El Nath

    Revision 72

    -Reverted unnecessary changes
    -Fixed APQ. Should work now.

    Revision 73-74
    -Updated updates.txt
    -No more updates

    Revison 75
    -Fix something in Kerning pq.js

    Revision 76-78
    -a completed Linux Launchers
    -Fix CS save bugs

    Revision 79
    -Update Updates.txt

    Revision 80 ~ 82
    -Made more GMS-like
    -Made a gachapon more friendly
    -Updated Updates.txt

    Revision 83 ~ 84
    -Updated FAQ.txt

    Revision 85

    -Fixed gmshop.sql

    Revision 86

    Revision 87
    -Almost every Gachapon changed from "cardboard tickets" to "Gachapon Tickets"(This is 100% MSEA-like which should be about GMS-like,Correct me if I'm wrong)

    Revision 89

    -Fixed Compile Error
    -Added soydev.jar in dist folder.

    Revision 92 - ?

    -Relocating Files

    Revision 116

    -Chat color can be changed via command
    -Hired Merchants should work
    -CommandProcessor Clean-Up
    -Final Revision

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