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    Uncompleted channel hosting [1 .bat console per channel]


    Uncompleted channel hosting [1 .bat console per channel] Empty Uncompleted channel hosting [1 .bat console per channel]

    Post  SDEE on Thu May 21, 2009 2:00 am

    Well, I thought of releasing this since I had it for a long time yet unable to find a solution for linking channels hosting on a server, there's no progress for ages!
    It might cause /find and maple messenger to be bugged, need someone to fix it .

    [color:3289="Red"]Advantages :
    Shutdown specific channels without shutting down the entire world
    Less lag for players [Faster processing speed] for those channels hosted in a server [dedi / vps]

    [color:3289="Red"]Disadvantages :
    More memory needed

    Replace your function in ChannelServer :
       public static void main(String args[]) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException, NotBoundException, InstanceAlreadyExistsException, MBeanRegistrationException, NotCompliantMBeanException, MalformedObjectNameException {
          initialProp = new Properties();
          initialProp.load(new FileReader(System.getProperty("")));
          Registry registry = LocateRegistry.getRegistry(initialProp.getProperty(""), Registry.REGISTRY_PORT, new SslRMIClientSocketFactory());
          worldRegistry = (WorldRegistry) registry.lookup("WorldRegistry");

            newInstance(initialProp.getProperty(""+ new File(System.getProperty("net.sf.odinms.channelToLaunch")) +".key")).run();
          DatabaseConnection.getConnection(); // touch - so we see database problems early...

    Run your channels with this bat file :

    - Channel 1 -
    @echo off
    @title Channel Server Console - Channel 1
    set CLASSPATH=.;dist\odinms.jar;dist\mina-core.jar;dist\slf4j-api.jar;dist\slf4j-jdk14.jar;dist\mysql-connector-java-bin.jar
    java -Dnet.sf.odinms.channelToLaunch=0 -Dnet.sf.odinms.wzpath=wz\

    - Channel 2 -
    @echo off
    @title Channel Server Console - Channel 2
    set CLASSPATH=.;dist\odinms.jar;dist\mina-core.jar;dist\slf4j-api.jar;dist\slf4j-jdk14.jar;dist\mysql-connector-java-bin.jar
    java -Dnet.sf.odinms.channelToLaunch=1 -Dnet.sf.odinms.wzpath=wz\

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