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    [Release] Adding functions npc -> credits to moogra


    [Release] Adding functions npc -> credits to moogra Empty [Release] Adding functions npc -> credits to moogra

    Post  RGR on Thu May 21, 2009 2:09 am

    var status = 0;

    function start() {
    cm.sendYesNo("Do you want to learn how to add stuff and functions?");

    function action(mode, type, selection) {
    if (mode < 1) {
    cm.sendOk("I guess you already know how.")
    } else {
    if (status == 1)
    cm.sendYesNo("Step #1: Adding stuff.\r\n You add numbers like this: 1+2=3. This is true because the 2nd number after 1 is 3. You may prove this using the Peano Postualates if you wish.\r\n\
    Example 2:\r\n 10+10=20. You add the one's place and then the ten's place and so on.\r\n\
    Example 3:\r\n 15+6=21 If the sum of the one's place is greater than 10, then you have to 'carry'. You leave the one's place of the new number and add the ten's place of that number to the sum of the ten's place. Repeat while you have digits to add.\r\n\
    Do you want to learn how to add functions?");
    else if (status == 2) {
    cm.sendYesNo("Step #2: Adding functions.\r\n Adding functions is very useful in algebra. \r\n\
    Example 1: x+2x=3x. If they have like-terms, you may add them. You may not add 1x+1y and make it 2xy.\r\n\
    Exmaple 2: x+x^2+2x=3x+x^2. You cannot also add numbers of different powers together.\r\n Are you ready for adding multiple functions?");
    } else if (status == 3)
    cm.sendYesNo("Step #3: Adding f(x) and g(x). \r\n\
    Try them as if they were like Step #2. Let f(x) = 2x and let g(x) = x. The sum wouldbe 3x. Remember you cannot combine terms if they aren't like terms.\r\n\n\
    Do you want to learn how to integrate functions?");
    else if (status==4)
    cm.sendOk("Step #4: Integration \r\n\n\
    Integrating functions may be difficult. It is the opposite of differentiation. In other words you go backwards. There are many techniques you may use to integrate 1-variable functions. They also carry on to multiple variable functions too.\r\n\n\
    Because this is a crash course, we will only integrate polynomials.\r\n\
    You can add the functions after integrating them seperately. Integral of x^2 is: x^3/3. A general formula for polynomials in the form of ax^b for integration would be a/b * x^(b+1)");

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