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    SilentStory REOPENED!!!!!


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    SilentStory REOPENED!!!!! Empty SilentStory REOPENED!!!!!

    Post  crazyx978 on Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:18 pm

    100% LAGLESS

    EXP RATE: 50x
    DROP RATE 10x
    MEso RATE 50x


    [New Server!][v.62][Dedi Server!][Exp 50x][Meso 50x][Drops 10x][All Pirate Skills Work Pefectly!][Recruiting GMs!][ALL RINGS WORK!][Pirates][Skill Maxer][PLayer NPC"S][RBs][Donater System][TIMELESS EQUIPS][Prizes System][Friendly GMs!][Alot Of New Player & Donator Commands!] Join Today ! CUSTOM WZ FILES

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