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    [v70]Boredness Wz Edit Factory(Version 1)


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    [v70]Boredness Wz Edit Factory(Version 1) Empty [v70]Boredness Wz Edit Factory(Version 1)

    Post  Admin on Tue May 19, 2009 6:36 am

    [v70]Boredness Wz Edit Factory(Version 1) Boredness-1


    Credits to dimigodz!

    Hi GzN, many people wanna be rep wh0re, so i juz release it yah~ v70 of my hacking factory
    More hacks will be uploaded, don't worry. Keep notice!

    What is this factory all about
    I'll upload most of my wz edits here.

    How to use
    1)Make a backup of your whole MapleSEA file.
    2)Download my patcher.
    3)Run my patcher.
    4)Come to GzN
    5)Click on [v70]Boredness Wz Edit Factory(Version 1) Post_thanks
    6)Click on [v70]Boredness Wz Edit Factory(Version 1) Reputation
    7)Go in MapleStory
    Cool Happy Hacking!!!

    -Most of the hacks are from original patched to editted. If you want 2 or more editted stuff in 1 wz, kindly pm me or request here. I'll make 1 for you and the community.

    If there is a new patch...
    1)Replace my editted wz files with your backup.
    2)Patch to v71
    3)Wait for my wz edits for v71!

    -If you need a specific pvac, nodelay skills, monster speed up, no jump e.t.c, you can tell me and i'll make it for you. [Kindly no meseo hack, cash hack e.t.c]

    Hacks Condition
    Blue means safe.
    Green means might dc.
    Red means auto ban or permanent ban.
    Black means unsure.

    Grey means package.
    Yellow means sub-group.
    [color:0b9a="Purple"]Purple means combined hacks group

    [color:0b9a="Blue"]Jump Quest Godmode
    [color:0b9a="Blue"]Left pVac[Forces/Vac monster to move to the left]
    [color:0b9a="Blue"]Right pVac[Forces/Vac monster to move to the right]

    [color:0b9a="Blue"]100% Monster Knockback[knockback any monsters, even with a miss]
    [color:0b9a="Red"]Full Godmode
    Melee Godmode
    [color:0b9a="Lime"]Super Avoid
    [color:0b9a="Red"]Undead Hack

    [color:0b9a="Blue"]1-Hit Break Box

    [color:0b9a="Blue"]Infinite MP[Heal, Dash, Teleport and Flash Jump Only]
    [color:0b9a="Blue"]Super Teleport[Teleport Further and Higher]

    [color:0b9a="Purple"]No-delayed Skills
    Energy Bolt
    Holy Arrow
    Lucky Seven
    Magic Claw
    Shining Ray
    Infinite MP[Heal, Dash, Teleport and Flash Jump Only]

    [color:0b9a="DarkRed"]Training Pack
    [color:0b9a="DimGray"]Crow Forest Training Pack[Re-uploaded]
    -[color:0b9a="Blue"]Custom sVac
    -[color:0b9a="Black"]Melee Godmode

    Frequently Asked Questions[FAQ]
    Q: I just got ban, can you help me to unban my account?
    A: No I can't=) just create another account and you get to level100 in just a week or lesser if you are a mapletard.

    Q: Are your hacks ubber safe?
    A: They are listed by their "colour" and each hacks have the risk of banning, that is only if you get caught by GM.

    Q: Why didn't i make infinite mp for other skills and only for the one listed?
    A: WZ Edit is editting "informations" from your WZ Files, only those skills i listed has the function of "Infinite-mping" in WZ Edit.

    Q: Why you don't teach us to make hack and just want to spoonfeed us?
    A: I hate to teach people.

    -If any hacks are not working, kindly report to me immediately so that I can fix it as soon as possible!

    Tools to run the hack
    -[URL=""]Winrar[/URL](Needed to extract the file)


    I decided to upload to mediafire since GzN only allows 10 attachment.
    The link is [URL=""]Here[/URL].

    -Once a hacker, always a hacker
    -Sharing is caring

    Join Boredness Hacking Company over [URL=""]Here[/URL]!
    Subscribe to my youtube channel over [URL=""]Here[/URL]![/QUOTE]

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