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    [Release]Great Botting Programs


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    [Release]Great Botting Programs Empty [Release]Great Botting Programs

    Post  Admin on Tue May 19, 2009 6:50 am

    [color:7499="Red"]Downloads Are In The Bot Name

    [color:7499="Blue"][URL=""]Cheetah Bot[/URL]:
    Auto Jump
    Auto Attack
    Auto Loot
    Auto Chat
    Auto Pot
    Auto Skill(3)
    Auto Clicker[People]
    Auto Clicker[Items]
    All Delays are in Seconds!
    Works Minimized
    Injector (Auto Injects)
    MapleStory Ad Killer

    Snootae Bot:[/URL]

    Auto Drop (Meso)
    Auto Attack
    Auto Loot
    Auto Chat
    Auto Pot
    Auto Skill(3)
    Auto Click
    *Pixel Potter



    Auto Attack
    Auto Loot
    Auto Skill
    Auto Clicker




    F1 - Auto Attack
    F2 - Auto Loot
    F3 - Auto Jump
    F4 - Auto Skill 1 [Assign to F]
    F5 - Auto Skill 2 [Assign to B]
    F6 - Auto HP Pot [Assign to 9]
    F7 - Auto MP Pot [Assign to 0]
    F8 - Auto Chat
    F9 - Auto Click

    The AC also comes with the option to automatically press Enter while clicking (useful for PQ but annoying when you want to chat)

    How to use

    1- Go into your MapleStory folder and rename PCOMDebug.dll to PCOMDebug.bak (as a backup).

    2- Put the 2 DLL files included in the download below into your MapleStory folder.

    3- Launch MapleStory and you should get a window saying "Do you want to open iBot?". You will get this window every time you open MS until you remove the bot. Click yes and you are done! You should now ALT+Tab out of Maple and set things up how you want. In the iBot window, the numbers on the right represent how often you want it to do that action in milliseconds.

    1ms = 1000 times every second
    1000ms = Once every second
    10000ms = Once every 10 seconds

    Happy Botting!


    inside there got [color:7499="Red"]lBot Read-Me read that guide before u use it.


    To all JEALOUSY people i making this thread not to get rep or thanks just to make ppl not to spend their time to go other website for hack and just get it from here.

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